Saudi Dolomite Company

A true trailblazer in the Lime and Dololime industry, Saudi Dolomite since its inception has raised the bar in the Lime and Dololime mining and processing industry. With over 40 years of experience under the leadership of a highly motivated team, Saudi Dolomite has continued to scale heights having reached the pinnacle of success. Saudi Dolomite today harnesses cutting edge technology at its two facilities in the Eastern and Central regions of the Kingdom to calcine lime and Dololime.

With a comprehensive product line Saudi Dolomite and its associates Geerco & National Lime lead the way in producing and processing of Lime, Dololime, Chemical grade hydrated lime, hydrated dolomite, limestone, and dolomitic limestone. With a vision to fuel economic growth across multiple sectors in the Kingdom and the GCC, Saudi Dolomite’s essential products have played a vital and pivotal role in ensuring the success of its clients in the Kingdom and GCC across multiple industries.

Our Products continue to be the cornerstone of essential industrial processes from water desalination to steel and metallurgy, we truly believe “lime is sublime”. Our ability to envisage state of the art technology in extraction, production and processing has enabled us to cater to a diverse range of industries from mining, chemical, environmental, petrochemical, fertilizer, construction and glass to metal-based industries such as steel, aluminum and beyond.


Saudi Dolomite is the Pioneer in leveraging innovation and technology in the Lime and Dololime industry thereby placing it as the true leader in its sphere.

As an organization it prides itself as a company which is known as the point of reference in not only innovation and technology in production but also as an organization that cares for its customers and people.

While our products are of minimal cost to our clients their quality and reliability is unmatched. Saudi Dolomite leaves no stone unturned in ensuring continuity and sustainability in business operations for our clients, in high-stakes production environments where a single missed shipment may imply stoppage or failure to a client, Saudi Dolomite’s reliability in the industry unsurpassed.


Saudi Dolomite continues to cement its position as the industry leader and trail blazer for its best-in-class performance across the board from operations and corporate social responsibility to safety and environmental stewardship.

Our Mission is to revolutionize the way the world thinks of Lime and Dololime, to facilitate sustainable development and leverage technology to continue to deliver best in class products while minimizing the environmental footprint. And to truly put the middle east on the map as a source of high-quality calcium products.

The only way to do something right is to Lead by example, and we leave no stone unturned! We endeavor to remain the industry leader and to be the voice of change in the industry. To continue to be the assured reliable choice to our clients and partners; we take our market leadership very seriously!


Saudi Dolomite envisions itself to be the catalyst for positive change in GCC and to continue to be the preferred supplier and partner of choice wherever we operate.