Najran Cement Company

Najran Cement Company was established in 2005 as a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company with a paid-up capital of SR 1,150 million. The objective was to be a main manufacturer and supplier of cement in the Southern Region and an important exporter to Yemen. Having its cement plant and facilities close to Najran city greatly contributed to the fast development of the near vicinity.

The Company has a quarry license from Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals of 30 sq km, endowed with huge deposits of Limestone, Clay, Sandstone and Gypsum that are sufficient for more than 100 years.

The Plant was initially planned as a single integrated production line of 6000 tons per day of clinker at Sultana, around 240 km North East of Najran. As the project moved along decision was taken to expand the clinker plant to 15,500 tons per day, by adding two additional production lines of 3000 and 6,500 tons per day both at Sultana to make full use of vast raw material deposits. This was supplemented by a standalone grinding unit of 1.7 million tons annual cement capacity at Aakfa, 70 kms to the West of Najran which serves the company customers in Asir Region and Northern Governorates of Yemen.

The Plant started its commercial production during January 2009 and currently having a total clinker production capacity of 4.96 million tons of clinker and grinding of 6.3 million tons of cement annually.

Najran Cement plays a pivotal role in the national green initiative of the Kingdom by reducing CO2 emission and optimizing cement plant operation to improve energy efficiency and set a benchmark for the cement process industry in KSA. As part of its energy conservation program, the Company has installed a Waste Heat Recovery based Power Plant to generate electricity by using the waste heat produced by its manufacturing processes. This Plant having a gross power generation capacity of 27.1 MW and is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Company’s environmental policy consists of preventing, controlling and reducing emissions and to preserve the environment in accordance with the best national and international specifications and standards.

The Company is the leading private sector employer of Saudis in the Region. The Company employs a substantial number of Saudi nationals to positions of leadership, authority and decision making. The Company also arranges for technical training programs to the graduates of technical colleges and subsequently absorbs them on need basis.