Sustainable productivity through innovation

FLSmidth is a leading provider of innovative engineering, equipment and service solutions to the global mining and cement industries. We help customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce their environmental impact. We are over 10,000 employees located in over 60 countries.

Efficiency and sustainability in mining and cement

Improving global living standards, providing better infrastructure and meeting the need for a green-energy transition are some of the factors currently driving demand for minerals. However, providing these minerals can use a significant amount of resources. 

With our sustainability ambition, MissionZero, we are enabling our customers to move towards zero emissions, zero water waste and zero energy waste by 2030. We are approaching this thorough the development and co-creation of digital and technologically innovative solutions that minimise environmental footprint and make resource use as efficient as possible. 

MissionZero, however, goes beyond what is attainable today; it requires a shift in how we collaborate. MissionZero is an invitation to innovate together, to accelerate efforts to phase out inefficient technologies and to achieve much faster adoption of new solutions. 

Digitalisation with ambition

A key element in our offering is automation and digitalisation, which are delivering massive benefits through harvesting, analysing, prioritising, and utilising data from the start to the finish of operations. Combined with the interconnectivity of technologies that come with the Internet of Things (IoT), digital solutions are playing a huge role in the necessary transformation of the cement and mining industries. 

We have already developed digital solutions that are gamechangers in areas such as remote monitoring, maintenance and optimisation of performance.


The market-leading supplier of engineering, equipment, and service solutions

Our core strengths and competencies are reflected in our market-leading product range, our ability to implement, manage and maintain projects, and our unmatched operation of minerals and cement processing plants worldwide.

“Even a small discovery can lead to great potential” – this was the belief of our founders over a century ago – a belief that inspired them to use their expertise and passion to enable customers to produce more with less. They changed the rules for processing the natural resources that created the world we live in today.

We now continue their path by helping our customers in mining and cement move towards zero emissions by 2030. And to succeed, our focus is clear: using innovative technology, digital solutions and strong partnerships, we are committed to building a sustainable future for all of us through MissionZero.